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      The long-term success of management decisions and restoration projects must be documented through monitoring over an extended period. Geomorphic monitoring is warranted in many situations including dam removal, stream restoration, adaptive management, flood control, and regional curve development. Our careful evaluation of monitoring results can improve future management decisions. We choose the monitoring strategy that will best document the success and impact of a particular project.
  • Cross sections

  • Longitudinal profiles

  • Bank surveys

  • Bank erosion pins

  • Scour chains

  • Repeat photography

  • Pebble counts

  • Geoarchaeology - Stratigraphic studies - Soil analysis and geomorphic assessment


  •  Science Education Workshops - Inquiry-based hands-on activities - Data collection in the community - Science in the schoolyard


  •  Geology Ecotours - Grand Canyon, Death Valley and Mono Lakes


  • Social Impact Assessment - Interviewing and public attitude surveys


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Fluvial Geomorphologist New England

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