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         Mapping of channel features in a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) format enables watershed managers to anticipate how actions in one area may impact fish habitat, water quality, or human developments elsewhere. We can create GIS-based watershed maps with the information needed for making difficult management decisions. These maps help in determining the location and length of certain features such as eroding stream banks or reaches without riparian buffers.
  • Riparian buffer widths
  • Bank composition and stability
  • Habitat features
  • Channel obstructions
  • Rosgen stream typing
  • Channel bottom morphology
  • Land cover/land use
      Field Geology Services designs stream restoration and bank stabilization projects. We ensure that the best techniques are selected for each project after a careful assessment of the problem. Our goal is to restore natural stream function using techniques that protect human infrastructure while improving salmon and trout habitat.


  • Natural channel design

  • Soil bioengineering

  • Channel realignment

  • Root wad deflectors

  • Tree and rock revetments

  • In-stream habitat structures

  • Bendway weirs

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Fluvial Geomorphologist New England

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